Discount Card Products keep on giving to the sponsors who buy them

Discount Cards and Tear-off Coupons are great values and easy to sell.

- Discounts add up to way more than what people pay for the card.

- All costs come out of our share.

- Local Discounts, logo on front

- Discounts are repeatable

- Values that adults and kids can use

 See Discount types below

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- $20 Hybrid includes:

- Discount Card with repeatable discounts for one year

- Tear-off coupons with bigger discounts but not repeatable

Click here for PDF of Discount Hybrid

discount coupons

Discount Coupons

- $20 Discount Coupon Sheets have bigger discounts but not repeatable

discount cards

Discount Cards

- $10 Discount Card is an Easy Sale!

- $20 Discount Cards also have thousands of discounts available online

Click here for PDF of Discount Card